Investment in new kinds of production – one of spheres of interest of the Shtiever LLC, it is directly connected with the plans of the company to extend the market. Due to attention to the foreign markets the company has gained experience of work in several countries, where it has subsidiary offices.

     One of examples of cooperation with foreign company – joint venture with company PRUSSIANI ENG (Italy) – it resulted in delivery of set for machining center module production to Europe.


     Along with that we invest in production for Russian inner market – result: delivery to Russian plants of machines, which are used practically every day. These machines are believed to be very reliable.

     Experience of investment in production allowed the company to figure out future priorities of development. We continue to conduct negotiations for future plans of cooperation with foreign companies.

     In order to optimize the international logistics activity, to adopt 100% control of components, which were produced in foreign countries, we plan to buy the control packet of shares of our American partner – company FORTO MOTORS, NY, USA. This will improve the quality and decrease the prime cost of products. We also plan to begin production of innovative energy-efficient products of transport and architectural glazing, including high-efficient electrically heated glass for the American market.


Price policy of the company meets the market average prices. Experts of the Shtiever LLC regularly hold monitoring of price changes and adjust prices of products subject to variation of prices.


     Prime cost of products includes price of the materials, work hours and other standard features.

     In order to make the price policy as comfort for the customer as possible we decided to stick to market average prices – so that the customer could think only about the quality of product while choosing the manufacturer.

     We can tell with confidence, that dealing with the question of quality-price ratio the Shtiever LLC does not have many business rivals. It is explained by usage of new technologies and also by individual approach to all designed projects.


Among our clients you can find individuals, companies and also state institutions. Manufacturing enterprise Shtiever LLC takes part in different tender processes for execution of complex and original ideas of state structures on a regular basis.


Clients of the company Shtiever LLC:

   • The State Hermitage Museum

   • The Museums of the Moscow Kremlin

   • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

   • Museum of the Revolution

   • Moscow Railroad

   • Oktyabrskaya Railroad

   • Krasnoyarskaya Railroad

   • Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation

   • Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

   • Federal Security Service of Russian Federation

   • Rosneft

   • Archive of Russian Academy of Sciences

   • Museum-mansion “Abramtsevo”

   • Metrovagonmash

   • The State Tretyakov Gallery

   • Baltic Fleet


During the past few years of activity Shtiever LLC has established good relations with other manufacturing companies, with which the company has joint projects now. Among our a long standing partners you can find Moscow and St. Petersburg companies, and also companies from other cities, including those situated in the eastern part of our country. Our good partners are companies from USA, Italy and Taiwan.

     We at Shtiever LLC constantly seek cooperation with others both at home and overseas to develop the highest quality levels for all of our production. Multidisciplinary projects require lots of components, part of which can be produced or acquired by our partners. Besides, among our long standing partners there are companies which produce materials and also manufacturing companies, which produce electronics.


Our partners:

   • Shtiever LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia —
   security glazing, glass articles:

   • Forto Motors, New York, USA —
   logistics, OEM components:

   • Polytronix, Техаs, USA —
   PDLC films, electronic components:

   • Polytron, Taoyuan City, Taiwan —
   PDLC films, LED glass, decorative films:

   • Dortechkomplekt, Kurgan, Russia —
   metal processing, building constructions

   • SM Kvadrat, Moscow, Russia —
   windows systems:

   • Leonardo Project Studio, Moscow, Russia —
   design, architecture, construction:

   • Architectural bureau BAZIS, Moscow, Russia —
   architecture, design, projecting, IT, copyright:

   • Stevens Urethane, Massachusetts, USA —
   thermoplastic polyurethane films:

   • Zafferani GLas, Genoa, Italy —
   equipment for working glass:

   • StekloStroy LLC, Vladivostok, Russia —
   glass and metal articles, building constructions:

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