Manufacturing enterprise Shtiever LLC, founded in 1994, matured in years of activity a number of new products for the Russian market, launched brand new products into Russian and World market, and also changed more than once due to development of new manufacturing areas and due to involvement of new experts in project works. Initially the main products of the company were armored car windows for state institutions and banking structures. Shtiever LLC has been concerning itself with such kinds of orders till present moment — for example, in 2006 experts of the company produced a series of protective bullet-proof glazing with gun slots, intended for army off-road vehicles GAZ-2975 "Tiger".
In 1997 building structures, basically made of laminated glass and metal, were added to this kind of production. The experience of producing automobiles with armored windows was actively used in this sphere, as windows for the needs of construction are supposed to hold the similar characteristics: strength, longevity and transparency.


The Shtiever LLC produced bearing structures, stairways, fountains, railings made of stainless steel and many other products. Back at that time the special emphasis was laid on production of original products which consume much labor and require original methods of construction.
In 2000 the manufacturing enterprise Shtiever LLC began to develop new area — production of exhibition and expository equipment. Among the clients you can find museum and restoration workshops, including The State Hermitage Museum, the museums of Moscow Kremlin, etc. For the celebration of 300-anniversary of the city of St. Petersburg the company produced on a tight timetable expository showcases for The State Hermitage Museum, which were not worse as traditionally used German products of such kind. Besides, about 20 types of restoration equipment have been matured. The construction subdivision was developing new products all the time, part of which was later patented. In 1995 the Shtiever LLC got its first patent certificate for invention of "protective bullet-proof glass", which was produced with the help of original technology. Nowadays practically all types of such glass in Russia are produced with the help of this technology. The co-designer of bullet-proof glass was the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The total number of patents, which nowadays has the manufacturing enterprise Shtiever LLC, is more than 10.


Nowadays the production of the Shtiever LLC is based on two workshops, where the glass and metal are worked up. We can produce practically unlimited range of products due to use of our own resources in combination with technology of optically defectless glueing of glass together with different materials. There are single private orders, as well as mass production, for example, electrical heated windows for surface transport. The company produces protective bullet-proof windows for vehicles and fills the orders of different state institutions, including those orders concerning protection of first persons of the country. The principal directions of the company's activity are production of structural and architectural laminated glass, metal constructions, protective glazing for surface and water transport, museum restoration equipment and also for mechanical engineering.


The range of building items produced in the workshops of the company is quite wide — beginning with glass partitions, double-glazed window, door and window assembly and also stairways and finishing with complex constructions, manufactured with the help of automatic and electronic machinery.
Experts of the company test new production on the regular basis. All in all there were carried out more than 400 tests in different organizations before the patents were received. Armored glass, produced by the Shtiever LLC went through the complex of tests on resistance and survivability, and is protected by the patent of Russian Federation and the Certificate of Conformity of State Standard of Russia, and provides the anti-vandal protection and protection against different kinds of weaponry — beginning with handguns and finishing with sniper rifles.
After tests the company developed technical regulations for production of armored glass items and launched serial products in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. At the present moment Shtiever LLC possesses a library of its own developments and new engineering solutions which are actively used in production. The manufacturing enterprise Shtiever LLC consists not only of workshops but it also includes departments of technical control, logistics and marketing, supply service, dispatching office and others. For the moment the company has about 100 employees.


Shtiever LLC is a very fast growing company; the experts of the company watch the changes of the market and identify the directions of future activity on the basis of existing realities.The company is going to change the equipment for more powerful and productive — that is why it is going to lay emphasis on production of complex items.


The structure of the company will be broadened subject to experts necessary for the execution of such kind of work.
The company is aimed at successful cooperation with different partners, both Russian and foreign. At the moment the company conducts negotiations for joint production of equipment for glass processing for the European countries. It is planned to increase the volume of production, intended for foreign customers.
Therewith it is planned to execute works concerning internal market. For the production of complex labor-consuming items the company is intended no only to keep up the existing business contacts but also to get new partners involved. In spite of having the wide range of existing connections the Shtiever LLC is open to new offers and partners.

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