Approach to manufacturing of the Shtiever LLC is dictated, first of all, by the situation on the Russian market. Hence the major principles of activity are:

    usage of mobile high-technology equipment
    execution of bulk of orders by comparative small team
    focus on problems that require higher labor-intensiveness
    development of new technologies and usage of
     high-technology materials.


     Technologies, developed by the experts of the Shtiever LLC, often have to do with several spheres of production. We offer products which either had not been matured in Russian Federation, either had no analogues in the world at all. Such approach to exclusiveness and individuality of developed production leads to great variety of offered products and also to the opportunity of realization of wide range of the most unexpected and complicated solutions.

     Focus on quality of production explains the obligatory maintenance of Russian and World standards. In the case of brand new products, the fundamentals are the quality standards of analogue or maximum close production and then on their basis own high demands are developed. Focus on the quality is a priority for the Shtiever LLC, on which safety and strength of products depend not only comfort but lives of people.

     The company always renews the range of products. Among the developments you can find both duplication of foreign analogues and realization of own ideas of the company.


The Shtiever LLC is always glad to employ professionals. You will have the opportunity to approve yourself in professional sphere, you will get all necessary working conditions, all guarantees, provided by Labor Code, medical insurance and timely (corresponding your professional level) salary.

    At the present moment we can offer you the following jobs:

     middle management positions of production,
     glass and metal processing experts,
     mounters of building structures.

You can connect us:
     phone: +7 (495) 940 0660,
     e-mail: job@shtiever.com

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