With the appearance in the beginning of 90s in Russia of new tendency in industrial design – HiTech –our company began to mature the basic elements of this concept – stainless steel hardware, double-glazed windows with special features, etc. Our experts busied themselves with designing and producing such constructions as stairways, canopies, different kinds of fences and partitions. The gathered experience allowed the beginning of production of more complex building structures – bearing components such as glass pillars and flooring joists.

     During the period of company’s activity hundreds of projects of different difficulty were carried out. The range of products is quite wide – starting with door and window structures and finishing with large-scale spider glazing with usage of bend electric heated double-glazed windows, equipped with the temperature control system.


     We pay special attention to strict compliance with project specifications and mounting regulations, because on these features depend the quality of structures and safety.

     There is an effective multistage quality system which is one of important factors of our successful and long relations with our regular customers and partners. This factor is particularly important when it comes to construction of special protective glass structures aimed for protection of people from different dangerous factors, such as shock waves, splinters, bullets, etc.

     The geography of our projects includes practically all territories of European part of Russian Federation. We fill both orders of individual persons and different state institutions, including those orders concerning protection of first persons of the country.


     We have matured quite a wide range of flat glass products. For example, protective glass of all protection classes, electrically heatable, electrochromatic glass (Smart Glass) and wide range of decorative glass. Applications, appearances and other features of different kinds of glass are described in the following sections:



The ideology of manufacturing a series of machines was based on understanding the requirement of customers. That is why reliable and not too expensive, in comparison with foreign analogues, machines of rigid structure.

 Glass edging machine

Grinding machine, facing – developed and produced by the Shtiever LLC.

     After acquaintance with experience of our colleagues, who use cheap equipment which flooded the market of glass processing we many times received evidence that this strategy is correct.


     According to our customers, such as OJSC “Mosavtosteklo”, LLC “Technokom”, “KS-Aluminum”, the machines established good reputation, having been used since 2003.

     Reliable equipment for industry has been relevant till present moment and the continual interest of customers to our machines is a proof to that.

 Dressing machine for glass edge

The machine is aimed to blunt sharp edges on perimeter of flat glass and also to cant from two sides in one set.



During last 12 years our company has been paying great attention to development of such kind of sphere of production as projecting, producing and mounting of special equipment for museums and restoration workshops, situated on the territory of Russia.

     Specifically we developed the system of aluminum shapes, on the basis of which many hundreds of different showcases were produced for such museums, as Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, The State Hermitage Museum, Popov Museum of Communication, Ryazan Kremlin – National Park, etc. Aluminum shape allows producing different museum showcases both of individual design and standard, for example, wall counters, island, table and polyangular cabinets, etc.      We produce exhibition showcases in accordance with highest demands of our customers; particularly difficult technical orders we receive from The State Hermitage. These demands, as a rule, besides presence of aesthetically acceptable appearance, include complex of measures for protection of the displays from exposure to different factors. In order to provide the maximal safety our experts have developed special anti-vandal glass with invisible integrated sensors of proximity/ touch/ breakage which are connected to alarm system.



     Besides exhibition equipment we also matured different instruments, devices, auxiliary furniture, shelves, lighting equipment and many other products for organizations, which deal with restoration of paintings, graphic works and fabrics. For example, we matured a series of mechanical presses the size from 400 x 500 millimeters to 1200 x 900 millimeters for restoration of graphic works. The especially big presses have pneumatic tightening and can also be packaged with electric heating of surfaces.

     Besides the above named equipment we also matured the production of stainless steel rinse tanks for the work with wet fabrics and paper. Special equipment for painting and graphic depositaries, which was successfully designed and mounted in the educational institution in the city of Moscow and in depositaries of several Russian museums, should be mentioned.

     In addition we should also mention that since 2007 our company has been offering the products of English company “PRESERVATION EQUIPMENT” and a number of suppliers of active storages for museums and restoration workshops to the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States.


Enterprise Shtiever LLC develops and manufactures innovative armored windows of full range of protection - from anti-vandal to bulletproof Class 6A. Armored frames are executed in different finishes, including with stylized traditional wooden windows with opening transoms.

     Instead of heavy monolithic compositions our company employs spaced tracks to include in their composition of glass and polycarbonate plates, which significantly reduce the mass of products, improve sound insulation and reduce thermal conductivity to a level comparable with the usual modern double-glazed windows.


     So, for example, spaced compositions Class 6A-silicate glass produced a total thickness of 50-54 mm, have a specific gravity of 125-145 kg / m2 , and the composition of polycarbonate - a specific gravity of 115-130 kg / m2. For comparison, monolithic counterparts have a total thickness of 75-85 mm and the specific gravity of 190-215 kg / m2.

     Armored windows manufacturers usually use external anti-spall ballistic film, which caused many complaints on such constructions, as they have several serious drawbacks:

    it collects the dust due to the attraction of dust with static electricity;
    absolute instability of even short-term thermal impact;
    inadmissibility of any mechanical stress leading to scratching and scuffing;
    loss of transparency due to erosion of the polymer layer under the influence of natural abrasives in the operation and of detergent at service.

     In connection with this our enterprise has developed no film compositions of glass protection class B-2 to B-6A.

     It’s becoming popular to use the smart glass with variable transparency Polyvision. This option allows changing a light transmission of window, if necessary disguise of a protected person or when working with documents on various sensitive sites and offices. Armored smart glass can be used as a vandal-resistant glazing, because of its setting in the reinforced window frame allows you to renounce the use of metal grating, which highlights the most protected parts of the building from the street side, regime rooms and facilities for working with classified documents or materials that constitute a trade secret.

     On the basis of armored glass with variable transparency developed and introduced the system of complex protection InstantShield™, allows you to completely block light transmission in the visible and infrared bands of translucent constructions of a room or the whole building if one of glass unit is damaged. This option can be easily integrated with any alarm system and avoids any visible glass breakage sensors.

In addition to these options, new protective windows can be equipped with electrical heating system Komfort Glass™, which completely eliminates the problem of fogging or icing.

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