Our company produces protective glass of all bullet-proof, ballistic protection classes with applications of filling and filming technologies with use of polymer film, which prevents the glass from inside fall when the product is being destroyed. This kind of construction was used and patented by the experts of Shtiever LLC in 1995 and since that moment all manufacturers of protective glass have been using this technology.

     Due to constant development of technologies we can produce competitive high technology products. Our products, in addition to high transparency and thin thickness, have a series of new functional features which enable to broaden the sphere of application.


The list of options is quite long and includes:

    electric heating, which prevents fogging and appearance of ice    crusts; this features enable the use of product in wide range of    temperatures of different climate zones;
    optical barrier based on Polyvision™ Privacy Glass    technology, which turns transparent glass into optically    impenetrable in a moment;
    electromagnetic barrier, which allows to block or decrease    significantly the rate of radiation of a series of electronic devices;
    infrared barrier, which blocks the night vision equipment and    other kinds of detecting devices, which work in infrared range;
    integrated invisible proximity/contact/destruction sensor which    is made for integration into the alarm system, helps to avoid the    installment of visible sensors and also senses and alarms    beforehand about any invasion attempt.

     The above mentioned options can be integrated into the protective windows in practically any kind of combination and also can be used as part of a system of multiple glass panes.
     All these types kinds of our protective windows passed all the necessary tests on firmness and tenacity and are protected by the patent of Russian Federation and GOST Russia Certificates of Conformity.


Thanks to LC Glass technology (Smart Glass) you can turn transparent glass into optically impenetrable glass with just one key click.

     Smart Glass of switchable transparency Polyvision™ Switchable Privacy Glass, which we produce using application technology and materials made by the company American company Polytronix, Inc., is one of the most widespread types of Smart Glass in the world.

     During last 20 years the Smart Glass of brand Polyvision™ has been used in thousands of designs in more than 50 countries of the world.

     Polyvision™ Privacy Glass is the most attractive product in the market of liquid crystal Smart Glass that has switchable transparency due to its traditionally high rate of quality, flexible price policy and due to possibility of production of the largest panels in the world (more than 1,8 x 3,2 meters without breaks).

     One other characteristic of fourth generation Polyvision™ film which is used in production of Smart Glass, is safe low-voltage power supply – thanks to which Smart Glass panels can be applied to vehicles also in wet conditions without any restrictions.

    Smart Glass is generally used in:

   • Culture and art
         Projection screens
         Interactive expositions
         Display booths
         Large-size projection screens
         Interactive demonstration stands
   • Business
         Conference rooms
         Partitions between work places
   • Sport
         Glazing of rooms and VIP-zones
         Tennis courts
   • Transport
         Partitions in limousines and minibuses
         Windows for air and sea transport
         Windows for special vehicles
   • Private residences
         Windows of winder garden and clerestories
         Interior partitions
         Projection screens of home cinema
         Partitions for bathrooms
   • Trade
         Shop windows, which transform to projection screens
         Fitting rooms
         Display cabinets
   • Cosmetics and medicine
         Massage parlours and solaria
         Treatment rooms


     The principle of work of Smart Glass is based on controlled electric discharge of light flux.

     The operation area of Smart Glass consists of liquid crystal elements positioned between two layers of current-carrying film. When turned off, the crystals are in random positions and form a non-transparent frosted surface.

     However, when the electric current is applied, the crystals get parallel to the electric field position and the glass turns transparent with insignificant rate of opalescence and the light flux is free to enter the room.

The principle of work of Smart Glass

The major technical characteristics of Polyvision™ Privacy      Glass:

   Optical transmission: not less than 75%
   Opalescence: 5-7%
   Control voltage: 12, 24 or 48 volts
   Energy consumption: 3-5 watt/sq. meter
   Number of cycles on/off: more than 30 000 000
   Time of switching: less than 100 milliseconds
   Max. size of the product (without breaks): 1530x3050 mm
   Min. thickness: 6 mm
   Max. thickness: unlimited
   Shape of products: any, including apertures
   Operational temperature: from -30 to +75 degrees
   Period of use: more than 10 years

     Smart Glass — is hardened safe triplex, which is produced with usage of TPU; that is why you can use the product in wet or aggressive environment and in wide range of temperatures.

     This technology increases the mechanical strength of the products and enables the application both in architectural and protective glazing of any class.

     The glass, used in production of triplex, can have low-emissive or tint coating, any option of protective glazing, including heating.

     The mounting can be executed with application of any kind of profiled or spider glazing systems.


Komfort Glass™ — – is glass with special current-carrying coating, which functions as a heating element. Hard low-emissive coating has the same light transmission features as ordinary glass and also is very energy-efficient. The glass goes through a required procedure of becoming heat resistant and/ or lamination; thus making it safe for application in any window systems. In order to provide electrical safety, current-carrying coating is always placed inside the multiple glass pane or triplex. With the help of integrated sensors, a special electronic system controls the integrity and temperature of the product.

     The undeniable advantages of the unique technology developed by our experts at Shtiever LLC are:

    the absolute transparency of products, absence of any visible    heating coils, etc – this feature significantly improves the view in    comparison with other technologies;
    the glass is heated regularly, in the entire area; this speeds up    the heating and excludes the appearance of optically non-    transparent zones – this feature has a positive effect on the    safety of operation of vehicles and helps to reduce the power    consumption;
    due to low-emissive coating, heat radiation does not go outside;    less heat is consumed, and less energy is needed – thus, the    total level of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere is    significantly reduced;
    it provides excellent insulation against loss of heat and yet    maximum usage of sun light (solar energy, which comes through    the windows). This means you need heating for a shorter period    to provide a comfortable environment — and so, your expenses    for heating are lower. Thereby, both you and the environment are    the gainers;
    high power rate (the quantity of electric power for unit of area,    for example, per square meter) – up to 3000 watts for square    meter and more, that is particularly important for application to    vehicles, because fast heating is very important for traffic    safety. The ability to struggle against fogging and ice crusts fast    effectively improves safety and saves time and energy, and also    affects drivers positively and as the result productivity and work    conditions are improved;
    the opportunity to combine with Smart Glass adds the function    of an electronic curtain; it helps to block the hazardous ultraviolet    radiation more than by 99% and, if it is necessary, helps to    create an optically non-transparent barrier to protect the    personnel or valuables;
    no hazardous chemicals or materials that pollute the    atmosphere are used. In contrast to other manufacturers, we do    not use silver paste, which contains dissolvent harmful to our    environment.


     Komfort Glass™ is generally used as the material for different outside glazing structures, such as:

    Vehicles of different kinds of application
    Winter gardens and greenhouses
    Crossings and so on.

     When you use Komfort Glass™ as an additional heating system you do not have to install massive window-sill radiators, and there is an atmosphere of comfort in the room because the glass surface emits heat and the “cold window” effect disappears.

     Komfort Glass™ can be also used as a major source of heat; thus you do not have to install expensive heating systems and can use the room space more effectively.

     Due to special coating the glass blocks the outside ultraviolet radiation and protects the interior items from fading and damage. In subzero weather the glass reduces heat losses significantly, reflecting the heat energy of heat units and making heating expenses lower. In summer, the opposite effect is observed, as heat from outside does not get inside as much.

      When you use Komfort Glass™ in clerestories, greenhouses and winter gardens you do not have to free the hard-to-reach surfaces from snow and ice crusts; the temperature conditions of rooms are improved, the outside light flux is increased.

     The power consumed by products depends on the type of use. Power of about 50-100 watt for 1 square meter of the window is generally enough for maintenance of comfort temperature in the room and for maintenance of glass surface temperature at the rate from +20 degrees to +30 degrees. When Komfort Glass is used as the only resource of heat it is necessary to maintain the glass surface temperature at the rate from +30 degrees to -45 degrees and provide the power of 100 to 300 watt for 1 square meter of the window.

     Structurally the Komfort Glass™ can be used as the part of multiple glass pane or triplex of any configuration, protective class and also in combination with Smart Glass panels Privacy™ Glass. Any kind of window, facade and roof systems of leading manufacturers, such as “Schuco”, “Fakro”, “Roto”, “Oxidal” etc, can be used for mounting.

Learn more about Komfort Glass™ technology.


Electrically heated windows for railway, automobile and sea transport are produced by the company Shtiever LLC with application of original technology.

     All Shtiever LLC products are protected by GOST Russia Certificates of Conformity and Certificates of Useful Model of Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks.

     Due to new technology of sputtering of current-carrying coating we managed to improve the optical transmission of windows and prevent the occurrence of oxidizing colors in the process of use of products in comparison with analogous products by other manufacturers.

     Application of our products prevents the icing and fogging of a driver's windows when the outside temperature reaches -50 degrees.


    These products went through a full complex of laboratory and operation tests and their application for railway transport has been tested and implemented in coordination with the Locomotive Department of the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation.

     Besides, electrically heated safe products of driver’s cab’s glazing for locomotives and motorized rolling equipment have passed the certification of Certification Register for federal railway transport and obtain Certificate of Conformity of CRFRT.

     We always work on improvement of transport glazing, which is why we offer new innovative options in addition to standard electric heating option:

    optical barrier — Smart Glass Polyvision™ Privacy, which turns    transparent glass into optically impenetrable;
    electromagnetic barrier, which allows to block or decrease    significantly the rate of radiation of a series of electronic devices;
    infrared barrier, which blocks the night vision equipment and    other kinds of detecting devices, which work in infrared range.

     Special for automobiles we developed the technology of production for this kind of products – 6 millimeter Smart Glass panels. Armored glazing for all kinds of transport can be furnished with all named above options according to the customer’s will.


Our company matured the production of a wide range of brand new types of decorative glass as the result of close cooperation with PolytronTechnologies, Inc. – a well-known leader of the market for innovative materials for glass items’ production.
     POLYMAGIC™Glass — glass with integrated source of light, for example, contains light-emitting diodes without visible wires.

     The patented technology enables highly accurate images of logotypes, different symbols, etc, and to be used as decorative or major source of light. It is especially effective when applied as advertisement panels, different kinds of partitions and panels. Minimum thickness – 6 mm, maximum size – 1600 mm x 3810 mm.


 Polyscreen™Glass — glass/ film of special structure, allows to project images on optically transparent surfaces. Maximum size of glass/ film – 1600 mm x 3810 mm.
Polyscreen™ Glass Polyscreen™Glass

 Polyholo™Glass — glass with holographic image, which switches color depending on the angle and intensity of lightning. The image is executed according to the customer’s design. The major sphere of application – office partitions with company’s logo for decorating of rooms according to corporate style. Minimum thickness of product – 6 mm, maximum size – 1000 mm x 3810 mm.
Polyholo™ Glass Polyholo™Glass


 Polyflush™Glass — decorative chameleon-glass, which changes its color/ tint depending on the angle and position of the source of light. Facade glazing made of this kind of material looks attractive and unusually. The material contains no metallic oxides, which makes it not corrosive. It blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation. Minimum thickness – 8 mm, maximum size – 1370 x 3810 mm.
Polyflush™ Glass Polyflush™Glass

 Polylens™Glass — glass/film made with a pre-formed lens structure, due to which it is possible to get interesting light effects. Width of film – 1000 mm, length – unlimited.
Polylens™ Glass Polylens™Glass

 LiteGlow™Glass — phosphor glass for decorative application and also for production of luminous signs and indicators. Minimum thickness – 6 mm, maximum size – 1370 mm x 3810 mm.
LiteGlow™ Glass LiteGlow™Glass

 Polynano™Glass — monochromatic displays on basis of carbon tubes. Used for production of transparent advertising/ informational panels of high light. Active zone size – 454 mm x 108 mm, resolution – 32 x 128, light transmission – 88%, consumed power – 20 watt.
Polynano™ Glass Polynano™Glass

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