One of characteristic features of our company is the usage of original construction schemes and a series of innovative materials, including electric heated and smart glass.

     This kind of approach allows realization of projects of any difficulty and gives the designers and architects the unlimited opportunities to choose materials and engineering solutions while designing.


     During the last 16 years our Designing Department gained priceless experience while developing projects, practically each was original. For example, we designed and produced special building structures which have no analogues (glass supporting columns in houses, glass longitudinal girders of floor decks, etc).

     Besides we designed and began to produce a wide range of original equipment for glass industry and other industries.

     We have great experience and have our own Designing Department, sections of glass and metal processing and we offer our customers the full cycle of project’s realization – from pencil sketch to turnkey mounting.


Innovations – one of the most important tendencies of the Shtiever LLC. Developing the products, experts of the company work on quality improvement and creation of new features. Along with practical problems, the test intended not only for future usage but also for investigation are carried out.


     Practical developments were not only for our own production but also for other companies, which were our customers.
     The scheme of glass edge processing can serve as an example.
     This method was used in Russia for the first time and nowadays is very widespread.
     Many of inventions of the Shtiever LLC are of great demand at Russian marketplace.

Developments of the Shtiever LLC

    electric heated glass
    glass with alarm system function
    automated machine for production of electric heated
     architectural and transport glass
    large panels of Smart Glass

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